How to Apply

How to apply wall stickers

Start by making sure your wall is free of dust and has been wiped over and allow time for your cleaned wall to dry. Work out where your picture will be placed so you know where to place the picture when you have it ready on the transfer paper.

You will have a sheet with the pictures and a separate white sheet that is the transfer paper.

Lay the picture sheet flat on the table. Now slowly peel back the transfer paper and, starting at the top, apply the transfer paper over the top of the picture sheet.

Once you have covered the whole sheet with the transfer paper, press down firmly. Using a ruler or something similar.

The next step is to now peel back the transfer paper, so the pictures have now transferred over to the transfer paper. You may need to gently help some parts on and off the transfer paper.

Now apply the transfer paper to the wall and press down firmly.

Peel back the transfer paper so only the pictures are left on the wall, again you may need to gently help guide some of the pictures on and off the transfer paper.

For the wall stickers that have many parts to the picture, it may be easier to apply the stickers to the wall piece by piece, instead of attempting it all in one go.

You can cut the picture sheet and transfer paper into smaller pieces if necessary to make the transfer of smaller stickers easier. Keep in mind that the transfer sheet is reusable and can be used several times over.

Things to note:

IMPORTANT: If you have recently painted your wall you will need to wait a minimum of 8 weeks before applying your wall sticker as your paint requires time to cure. If you try and apply your sticker before this time it may not adhere and will just peel away over time.

These are not recommended for textured or rough surfaces or paints that are wash and wear, suede or have a silicone base.

The transfer paper is not always the same size as the sticker. The transfer paper is reusable and can be used several times over. It is merely a guide to get the pictures on the wall perfectly straight.

If you are applying a wall sticker for the first time, take your time, don’t rush, and have fun!